Symbian Foundation at MWC 2009

February 13, 2009

Symbian Foundation Blog banner

Mobile World Congress 2009 is almost upon us. The Symbian Foundation will have a stand with some fun demos (and free coffee!) so please pop by and say hello! They have also set up a Symbian Foundation Blog where they will be posting news and coverage from the show.

Please go visit it, bookmark it, subscribe to it and share it with the world!

Smartphone Show 2008

August 30, 2008

The Symbian Smartphone Show 2008 will be taking place in Earls Court 2 on 21. & 22. October. We will be posting about it on the Smartphone Show Blog, so if enjoyed our coverage of the Mobile World Congress then head on over and subscribe!

FreeWay demo

February 18, 2008
FreeWay demo on Symbian’s stand

One of the other demos at our stand this year was showing off FreeWay, the new communications architecture. Specifically it was showing the throughput of data through the comms stack:

FreeWay throughput

Pretty impressive I’m sure you’ll agree! Mmmmhhh… 100+Mbps on my phone! *drool*


February 15, 2008

Come on now events queen, that joke is wearing thin. Oh, it’s not you is it? Obviously word has spread about the spinvox man and now everyone is doing it. I care not, airoporto here we come, thank you Barcelona, for another quiet, uneventful show.

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Late teardown

February 14, 2008

No one really appreciates the effort that goes into putting these vast shows together. The energy expanded in construction is given an added dimension of urgency when it comes to teardown. Everyone is desperate to get the hell out of dodge and head for the nearest bar.

Crews and stand staff of all nationalities are united in this common cause, and there is a hearty sense of comraderie. This may all be in my head of course. I’m probably hallucinating the whole thing, i haven’t slept in days.

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