Symbian SQL Demo

February 21, 2008

Here’s some more demo goodness for those who couldn’t see it in person at the MWC last week. One of the new features of Symbian OS version 9.3 is Symbian SQL. It’s designed to search through large (as in Terabyte large) amounts of data very quickly.

This can be used to speed up searches in large address books or calendars. It will also be invaluable in the realm of multimedia since people are carrying around ever more pictures, songs and videos on their phones. No doubt developers will find plenty of other ingenious uses for it too.

The team looking after this component in Symbian is called System Libraries (aka SysLibs) and they cooked up a neat little demo application that runs on S60 (They were showing it on a Nokia N95 8GB). It searches through a local copy of Wikipedia‘s titles and abstracts (that’s 2.2. million entries taking up 1.4GB of storage). The search is instantly narrowed down as you begin typing something which demonstrates just how quick Symbian SQL can cut through all that data.

I’ve put together a series of screenshots as an animation to give you an idea of what this looks like when searching for “Symbian”:

SQL server demo

Pretty impressive I’m sure you’ll agree!

The eagle-eyed amongst you may be thinking “Hang on a minute, if SQL server is in Symbian OS 9.3 how did you get the demo working on a 9.2-based device?” and you’d be quite right, the N95 8gig does not have SQL server out of the box. However, Symbian will begin offering the server as an installable SIS file for 9.2 devices soon (via SDN++ probably) and the demo was built using that!

The people behind the ScreenPlay demo

February 18, 2008

One of the demos at our Symbian stand this year was showing off ScreenPlay. It highlighted the benefits you get now that some of our Multimedia technologies such as the camera viewfinder and video playback have been integrated with ScreenPlay.

MWC ScreenPly Demo

What visitors to our stand did not see is all the hard work that went into producing this demo. In this post I hope to shed a little light on how many people came together from all across our organisation to make this demo happen. This is not an exhaustive list of every single person who was somehow involved (for example, some preferred to remain anonymous), but pictured or not they all deserve a big pat on the back. I’m sure the same goes for those who worked on our other MWC demos too.

Graphics Team

These are the people who helped create ScreenPlay in the first place, so obviously the whole team deserves some credit. Some graduates and Deep (pictured below) within Graphics produced the originial demo used in the 2007 Smartphone Show which was the foundation of this new demo.

Deep Prakash and the original ScreenPlay demo

A number of people also provided lots of support during the development of the new demo. Especially Rehan and Simon. Cheers dudes!

Graphics guys

A big thank you also to Rob for helping iron out some last minute bugs and John, their team lead, for allowing them the time to help out!

Base Team

Thanks to our man Vitaly, who provided support for the TV out driver, we were able to show off the demo on the big screen!

Vitaly and TV out

Of course, TV out is no good unless you have the right cables for it. Enter Angelo, the lord of the boards:

Angelo making video cable

Marketing Team

The pretty icons used in the demo were produced by Annabel and Sabeena from the Marketing Department.

Multimedia Icons

Multimedia Team

Integrating the camera viewfinder with ScreenPlay and providing lots of support was done by the camera guys in London: Rahul, Matthew, Brian, Jason & Hitesh.

Camera team

Allowing video decoding to a graphics surface was done by our video gurus in Vancouver. Thanks to David for being the main contact for support:

Video dude

And of course the demo was pieced together, continuously tweaked and presented by Joseph from the video team within Multimedia:

Joseph and the demo on a big screen

Last but not least, I had a small part bugging Joseph with UI ideas and suggestions and also being his side-kick at the MWC Symbian stand in Barcelona.

So there you have it, an excellent example of collaboration in Symbian. Can’t wait to see what we cook up for the next trade show!

Live photos

February 17, 2008

Here’s a bunch of live photos of some of the Symbian OS devices announced at the MWC. Enjoy!

Nokia N96

Nokia N96

Nokia N78

Nokia N78

Nokia 6220 Classic

Nokia 6220 Classic in black
Nokia 6220 Classic in purple

Nokia 6210 Navigator

Nokia 6210 Navigator

Samsung G810

Samsung G810 closed
Samsung G810 open
Samsung G810 camera

Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ercisson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

Update: I’ve added full-size versions of these pictures and more on my Flickr account. Enjoy!

Display of displays

February 13, 2008

Digital picture frames

A nice collection of Bluetooth digital picture frames by Parrot.


February 13, 2008

Ed Bussey from Zyb

While exploring the vast maze of halls and stands that is 3GSM… sorry… I mean the Mobile World Congress, a colleague and I stumbled across this little gem: Zyb.

They started off as an address book and calendar back-up service. Using a phone that supports SyncML you can back up and restore to and from their servers. You can also choose to let other Zyb users who are in your address book link to your contact data so if you change something it shows up at their end automagically.

They are now expanding this into a hub for all your online, social networking activities. It can aggregate your activities from services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and share them as a feed with your friends. The plan is to bring this functionality to your phone too in the form of a Java app.

It also ties in with online services like Google maps. They showed us a neat demo where you can plan a meal out with a friend. First you choose the friend from your address book. Then it shows a map of where that friend lives and find nearby restaurants. You choose the one you want and it notifies the friend and saves the address and phone number of the restaurant into your address book which can then be sync’d back to your phone. Pretty cool.


February 13, 2008

Subscriber based advertising service which pays you to download ads. Every time you open and close a call it pops up the ad and you get a nickel charged to an ewallet. You can then either use the cash electrically, or with a dedicated debit card. Invite a friend and you get more money.

Advertising on mobile is the work of the daevil, but i suppose if you are fulish enough to opt in to this, it’ll be worth it if you make some nawtee bunce while watching car ads.You can of course opt out any time, but will you? (cue diabolical laughter)

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February 13, 2008

I got chatting to two gentlemen from auqaMobile who had come by the Symbian stand to watch our demos. They have a clever product called Clic2c which can embed URLs into images by adding a bit of noise. Then there is an app which runs on your phone (they demo’d this on a Nokia N73 so they obviously have an S60 app) which uses the phone’s camera to snap these images, extract the URL and open it in the browser. I was impressed how quickly this worked on their N73.


This is similar to 2D barcodes and their numerous variations but seems to be more elegant since the data can be directly embedded into photos and other images.