Live photos

February 17, 2008

Here’s a bunch of live photos of some of the Symbian OS devices announced at the MWC. Enjoy!

Nokia N96

Nokia N96

Nokia N78

Nokia N78

Nokia 6220 Classic

Nokia 6220 Classic in black
Nokia 6220 Classic in purple

Nokia 6210 Navigator

Nokia 6210 Navigator

Samsung G810

Samsung G810 closed
Samsung G810 open
Samsung G810 camera

Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ercisson G900

Sony Ericsson G900

Update: I’ve added full-size versions of these pictures and more on my Flickr account. Enjoy!


February 14, 2008

This is the Philips Xenium, which has a smartcavity(tm)into which you place a normal, or re-chargeable AAA battery. When you charge the phone, you also charge the battery. It does mean your phone has a rather unsightly bulge at one end, but if you’re the kind of person who values productivity over aesthetics, then this is the device for you.

They also do a wide range of stand alone mobile chargers, but unless you’re in the jungle or a desert (where you’ll probably struggle to get a signal anyway) i can’t quite see the point of em. When you live in the global village you’re very rarely that far away from a power socket, and if you don’t have a charger on you, someone else is bound to. Emerging markets you say? Perhaps, but in countries where a pack of triple AAA batteries cost the equivalent of two months wages (Zimbabwe), talking on your phone a bit longer will probably come lower on the list than feeding your children.

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February 13, 2008
Spice stand at MWC 2008

Spice, an Indian network operator, had some interesting and amusing phones on display. First up is a phone designed for visually impaired people. It has no screen, features braille keys and speaks out the numbers as they are pressed. Sadly there’s no text-to-speech to read SMS messages or anything like that. It is very much a pure phone-phone. Still, I think it’s a very nice idea. Well done Spice!

Braille Phone

Next up is a gamepad attachment for a phone called the “Game King”. It looks and feels as tacky as the it sounds and kind of reminds me of the PolyStation 3!

Game King

They also had some cute freebies at the stand including a very intricate phone pouch. Something for the missus perhaps…

Phone Pouch

Neo 808i

February 13, 2008

‘Orpheus, how will i know i’m the one?’ Tricky question Neo, there are a lot of teeny devices out there this week, what makes you so swell? Mp3 player,
1.2 mp camera, fm radio, expandable memory to 2gb and did i mention i’m very small? That’s lovely Neo, now take the red pill and go save the world from rampaging machines etc.

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Purple Samsung i560

February 13, 2008

I always though Samsung’s sleek S60 slider, the i560, was only available in black. Well, the S60 stand proved me wrong – purple ones exist too!

Purple Samsung i560


February 12, 2008

I spent some time on the NTT DoCoMo stand today. It’s always fun to drool over the amazing devices and services they have over in Japan. Though it’s then depressing to realise that we currently miss out on much of that stuff here in Europe. (Why I can’t I do contactless payments with my phone yet, dammit!) Here are some photos of things that caught my attention…

1seg mobile TV phones with gorgeous WVGA (800×480) screens:

1seg handsets

High res screen

A phone together with objects that presumably inspired its design:

 Phone design inspiration

And of course, who can forget the classic waterproof phone demo:

Water proof phone

Exclusive: Nokia N00

February 12, 2008

There I was minding my own business on the Nokia Siemens Networks stand looking a DVB-H demo when I spotted this:

 Nokia N00

This couldn’t possibly be a prototype N96 from when they hadn’t decided what the final model number would be. No, definitely not. The only logical explanation is that it’s a Nokia device from the future when they’ve exhausted  all 2 digit numbers from N01 to N99 that has been sent back in time through a random wormhole and, purely by coincidence, happens to look exactly like an N96. Yes, that’s got to be it.