Spinvox 3

William may have beat me to it, but I’m still going to post about SpinVox. I think his photo just didn’t capture the enormity of their menacing army of box-headed action men…

SpinVox army

Also, I just want to brag about the fact that I got a full-size manniquin and not just a puny keyring. Mwuharharharrr!

SpinVox man

I wonder if Symbian should build an army of figurines with our OS cube as heads. Hmmm….

3 Responses to Spinvox 3

  1. Hi there,

    I think I missed you earlier – I’m looking after the messages on the Mobsters.

    You can call me on +447825798998, leave a message and I’ll make sure it gets converted into text and put up on our wall!


  2. William says:

    Bah, i too scored a full sized doll, tho admittedly i exchanged Symbian stand survival kits for it. i may just see you and raise you my ixus pic of the spinvox army you cheeky scamp.

  3. Whatleydude says:

    You guys don’t know how lucky you are!

    We only gave out 500 of those things – they’re like gold dust now!

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