LG KT-610

As promised, I’ve snapped a few piccies of LG’s new S60 handset. It’s a very unique design – on the outside it looks like a classy but retro handset with just basic buttons and a small display…

LG KT 610 closed

Another shot of the LG KT 610 closed

…however open it up and you have a mini communicator! Full QWERTY keyboard, landscape screen and stereo speakers! Pretty nifty!

LG KT 610 open

Btw, it seems there was a typo in the press release and it’s main screen is the usual QVGA resolution, not VGA.

3 Responses to LG KT-610

  1. Klipsi says:

    hi, so I have a specific search question.

    I am looking to find a phone with camera / video that runs on symbian S60 3rd and is NOT gsm-gprs-edge-3G-hspa but that operates in America over CDMA – EVDO network ( alltel, verizon )

    ideally a phone on alltel data evdo but not blackberry nor WM5/6 , no, must be Symbian S60 3rd because there are some specific softwares I want to use which currently only run on Symbian S60 3rd.

  2. James says:

    I’m sorry to say that AFAIK no such phone exists 😦

    However, there are US variants of some Nokia S60 models which have support for US 3G/HSDPA bands so they can work for example on AT&T.

  3. hendi petranus says:

    how about the price ?

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