Demo teaser

Pssst! Over here…

My name’s James and I’ve snuck into this blog past William and Freddie to bring you an exclusive spy shot from deep within Symbian…

Demo teaser

It’s a demo we’re cooking up to show at the Mobile World Congress, but I didn’t tell you that! Can you guess what it is? Add some comments below with your ideas!

By the way, I’m going to try to sneak my way into the show at Barcelona and infiltrate this blog occasionally to bring you more geeky news!

Right, I’m outta here before someone spots me!

3 Responses to Demo teaser

  1. William says:

    Golly what could it be? Welcome James, to the Symbian MWC blog, I know you will add vital technical knowhow to the mix, while I continue to drink coffee and waffle inanely. From now on, consider yourself the better Fred!


  2. Fred says:

    James, think of those less fortunate whilst you pursue what can only be a glittering career as the better me.

    I, for instance, will continue to mine the depths and make the tea as the ‘better William’.

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